March 2, 2017

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Getting your building connected to EUGNet is a necessary first step before tenants can order internet services from private sector providers. The onetime connection fee is $2,000 during the downtown project. After the downtown project is completed, the cost to connect a building will start at about $10,000. We urge building owners to also invest in infrastructure for your building in the form of adding telecommunications infrastructure (“internal wiring”) inside your building.

The first step to getting connected is to confirm that your building is within the  project service area. Once you have confirmed that it is, sign up using the form below. After signing up, you will be contacted by an EWEB representative to schedule an initial site assessment. The site assessment will establish a basic understanding of your building’s connection dynamic. Once the site assessment has been conducted, you can submit your connection fee to the City of Eugene. You should review the Building Connection Agreement Packet that you will be presented when EUGNet staff reach out to you.

If you have questions about your EUGNet signup that are not adequately addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions you can reach out to a EUGNet representative by calling (503) 701-7792.

EUGNet Building Owner Sign Up Form

  • Person to whom $2,000 connection-fee invoice should be sent
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