March 7, 2017

Downtown resident and business Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I sign up?

A: There are three steps: 1) get informed, 2) talk to your landlord, 3) contact an internet service provider.

Q. How can I get informed? 

A: Read this FAQ,  check out the project service map, or attend the March 21st Fiber Launch Celebration. Check back on this site to see project updates, including the project schedule. This will help you discover if you are within the project boundary and, if so, when there might be fiber passing your building.

Q. Why talk to my Landlord? 

A: The EUGNet project includes a building owner component to succeed.  Check out the building owner FAQ.  Then open a discussion with your landlord about your interests in participating in the EUGNet project.

Q. When do I contact an internet service provider? 

A: Once you know that your building is on the list to be connected as a part of EUGNet, you can start the conversation as soon as you are ready.  Keep in mind that not all the buildings will be connected at once, if you or your provider want to wait until things are more certain that your building is up soon, that may be the best course.

Q. Which provider can I use?

A: This is an open access network, so any provider that you might like to use, and who wants to be a participant in the project, is available.  An alphabetical list of internet service providers can be found here.