March 22, 2017

Downtown Fiber Project and Background


The Eugene Downtown Fiber Project began with the Eugene Community Broadband Plan. The original concept proposed using steam pipes to serve downtown. There were three purposes identified:

  1. Publicly controlled infrastructure (carrier neutral)
  2. All buildings having broadband access
  3. All service providers have open access
Pilot Project:
  • Chose electrical conduit instead of steam pipes (serves more, less cost maintenance)
  • Installed microduct for eventual full build
  • Initial pilot¬†chosen for proximity, quality and number of potential customers
  • Building internal wiring: open access through public control
  • Funded by Eugene Telecommunication Project Funds, EWEB and LCOG funds
Pilot Project Results:
  • Take rate of 80%+ among two competitive providers
  • Competition created world quality service: gigabit for $99 a month
  • Customers getting Internet connectivity and enhanced Cloud access
  • Feasibility and price for larger project established
  • Fostered great demand / support for larger project
Next Step: Fiber for All of Downtown:
  • Replicate Pilot Project for the entire Downtown
  • Design system to serve all Downtown (150+ buildings).
  • Initial run 125 buildings (omitting already served, vacant buildings, parking areas)
  • Install microduct, blow and terminate fiber

 Fiber Project Service Area

All Downtown