April 4, 2017


The first phase of the project connected numerous buildings along East and West Broadway. Phases are generally geographic but also based upon building sign-up sequencing. If a building is not signed up when its neighbors are being connected, its connection will be delayed. There are buildings along East and West Broadway that are not signed up and not connected in March, 2018, because they did not sign up in time for Phase 1 installation.  Phase 2 will be connecting buildings south of Broadway. The third phase will bring EUGNet north of Broadway. EWEB EUGNet crews will be working to back-fill buildings in previous phases as they are able.

We anticipate that connections to buildings north of Broadway, and most, if not all back-fill connections, will be made by the end of 2018.

When construction is nearing for your building you will be contacted by a EUGNet representative to schedule a site visit. This will initiate your construction process, and your fiber connection will shortly follow.

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Below is an updated map of addresses connected to EUGNet in Downtown Eugene: