April 4, 2017


Comprehensive EUGNet Schedule Update:

The following schedule has been developed for buildings that have previously requested a connection to EUGNet. Buildings that have not yet requested a connection can also expect to receive a EUGNet connection consistent with these timeframes, so long as they sign up before September 30, 2018. The EUGNet team has established a fast approaching building sign-up deadline of December 31st (extended from November 30th due to EWEB’s response to a call for mutual aid from utilities impacted by wildfires in California). Buildings that sign-up for EUGNet before December 31st can take advantage of the highly discounted $2,000 connection fee. Connections are possible in the future at the full $10,000 cost.

EWEB crews, working in tandem with other contracted fiber installation professionals, have been expanding the EUGNet network by running fiber cables through EWEB’s existing underground electrical conduits. You may have seen them with massive spools of orange micro-duct in the street, in front of your business, or as you’ve traveled through downtown. The planned fiber network covers the part of downtown where the power lines are underground.  See the project service area map to see the planned service area.

Construction work needs to be completed in a specific sequence. Micro-duct, which houses and protects the fiber optic cables that carry high speed internet, must be installed before fiber can be run through it into buildings. Micro-duct is run between EWEB’s electric vaults in the streets of downtown. Click Here to meet “Jetty” and see how EUGNet fiber optic cable is installed

As of November 1, 2018, the vault-to-vault installation necessary for EUGNet has been completed. With the micro-duct “backbone” in place, buildings will now be individually connected to EUGNet in a relatively rapid sequence.

When construction is nearing for your building you will be contacted by a EUGNet representative to schedule a site visit. This will initiate your construction process, and your fiber connection will shortly follow.

Below is an updated map of addresses connected to EUGNet in Downtown Eugene: